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I am often asked how much would it be cost to design a beam over a new opening. The costs can vary significantly depending on the size of opening, number of floors above and position of opening.

There are 3 stages in the design:-

· Assessing the load on the beam.

· Designing the beam to the latest standards or standards acceptable to the local authority.

· Checking that there is adequate support for the beam. Sometimes it is also necessary to check that removing the wall does not affect the stability of your property or the next door neighbour’s property.

The next thing to appreciate is the amount of design work involved and level of service required. I normally deal with 3 typical cases:-

· Full building regulations with Architectural drawings. In which case I can normally design from the drawings and do not need to visit the property as I can get any information from the architect. Fee in the region of £100+

· Works being carried out by a builder with no drawings under a building’s notice. All that is required is a calculation for the beam size and confirmation of pier or pad size. In this case I would need to visit site and assess the loads. Fee in the region £200+

· As above but plan sketch also required to illustrate works and satisfy the local authority. Fee in region of £300.


Please note that the above is a general guidance and each project is different. Please feel free to give me a call to discuss your requirements further.


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